Magic Beans of Aging.

(Caution: Can cause gas and only work half the time… in your dreams.)

Where’s the magic beans of aging ? “What’s one thing that will keep me younger Tuck ?”

Well you’ve just answered an important part of it in that one question. As corny as it sounds that one thing is YOU. All those original molecules flying and zipping around inside of you along with your own emotional charges hold a key to staying younger. You are of your own design. But still where are those Magic Beans you ask?

So many lotions and potions out there with the instant promise like Magic Beans.
But still even with the Beans, Jack had to climb the beanstalk to get his treasures.
So can you still find treasures at your age ? Yep. I’ve got a list that goes on and of individuals that continue to
create and produce far into their 80’s and 90’s.

You start by remembering the victories you have had in your life. How you came back from setbacks. I have a big list of casualties behind me in getting to finish my book Design Your Age. But those challenges and falls have fueled me to want to help others even more. You have those victories inside you. They are in your well. The well of your own personal history. But we dismiss them.

You might have raised children. Fought back illness. Stepped in to help others when they were a bit lost. That keeps you younger. Don’t regret anything in that hospital bed you might find yourself in later. To all my friends that go on about how they love God. Well show God you love yourself too. You’re no hypocrite. Get out of that chair. Start standing at a stand up desk. Start that strength building. Step away from sugar. Drop a few pounds. Get out and walk a few blocks. You’ll find you’ve got some beans. But they won’t appear unless you design it to be.

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