18 change copy

Time to make it happen again.

When did freedom of religion become the reverse meaning to discriminate ?

Why did people go silent when poor people were blocked from voting? And poor people that worked hard now have become the enemy?

How did we get even more politicians to become corrupt to
ensure the outcome to extreme right or extreme left causes?

Why were gun crazies allowed to make it bad for responsible gun owners?

When did people start believing that business would treat us more fairly than a government that was not perfect but had rules to protect us ?
And have those protections carefully erased?

When did the poisoning of our food, land, air and water become disguised again
as the price of good business? And I have watched as family and friends have gotten Cancer or become ill become as a result.

When did TV and Internet News figure out they could make even more money by pumping up the fear and produce a divided states of America ?

When did Universities and Colleges lose touch by not keeping up and providing degrees that would ultimately help our young people get jobs that would have a sustainable wage?

All of that hate and fear wasn’t how we saw the future when I was a kid.
It was going to be a brighter future.

We are still a gifted nation of great people with winning ideas and compassionate
hearts. Where most importantly the majority of Americans are WILLING to work together to find answers. But that picture isn’t give the time of day on our internet or TV screen.

When you were 18, you were going to change the world. Then you had to go to college. Get a job. You got married. Had kids and a mortgage. Now is your time again.
The world doesn’t have time for you to wait any longer. You can make it happen.

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