Awakening new ways to believe in your best self, as you get older? That really turns on my light saber and it should yours. We need to create new stories about the value of being older.

What was Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi secret ?

Drawing from the writings of Joseph Campbell and the evergreen wisdom of mythology; George Lucas, Marcia Lucas (his former wife) and Lawrence Kasadan accomplished the almost impossible in creating the film Star Wars. The actor Alec Guiness brought to life an inspiring elder who amazed younger audiences and reminded older ones of the possible force within themselves.

Having a weapon of belief by your side wins battles. Conquers discontent. Creates unity and peace.

Revenge of the Ages

How did your grandparents and their parents find the courage to stand on the battlefield of time to get you here?
Volunteer to converse with the residents of today’s new Orphanage, called now Assisted living. While visiting think of how we can make it better when you get older.

“Help like Obi-Wan Kenobi ! It’s worth hoping for.”
If you are curious in creating the new… then come share with me (tuck@designyourage.com ) and I will share with you the value of being older. C’mon there’s galaxies of opportunity for us to still glow before we go.

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