white-flag-e1393111695389-570x3831 Man in his late 50’s or 60’s. He’s sitting at a table a coffee shop.We see other people around but they are out of focus range.

“I know now that I am older, my opinion doesn’t hold much water… but uh ..I’ve got a few ideas uh…I mean you know I’m this age and not as young as I used to be and uh…”

As Ralph speaks he dissolves into mush through computer generated effects. Camera widens to show people in healthier shape and older than Ralph. They are laughing wearing running clothes and slapping each other on the back.

Are you surrendering like Ralph? Or are you still excited about the adventures ahead ?

Think back to when you were a kid. It’s not silly. When you day dreamed about growing up as a ….An astronaut. A scientist. A policeman. A fighter pilot. A doctor ?

What can you do?
First wake up! Then immediately start discussing your ideas with other people you respect. A best friend. Minister. Somebody with smarts. Leave no regrets. The guitar you wanted to learn. The trip to wherever. That crazy invention, left in the closet or garage.

Never Surrender!
Start living again. C'mon cut down on the sugar. Take longer, faster walks. Your winning checkered flag will appear. Get off your ass and step on the gas. I'll be cheering you before the finish line.

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