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The City of Cold Shoulders? That was not the New York City I just recently visited.
What does this have to do with aging? It is truly a fact, you improve your chances of living longer and happier, when you build a group of supportive caring friends that you support too.

Four doors down from my Air BnB I met Miss Astrid of the Norwegian Seaman’s Church. She gave me a tour of the small church, introducing me to some beautiful Norwegians as she prepared breakfast. A special set of bookshelves caught my eye that featured Norwegian foods. A packet of LOFOTEN fishesuppe (a fish soup) was my purchase. But the greatest prize was discovering these lovely people who welcomed this overly curious, Texan stranger that walked in their door.

Lilac Candy Chocolates since 1922. Meet one of the owners, Christopher Taylor the newest generation of candy makers for Lilac. A wonderful fellow, readily and generously offering free samples of all kinds of Lilac treasures. I found in a new shop in Brooklyn, located in a newly recovered warehouse district.

Since the 1870’s the Easter Parade, on 5th Avenue in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, has been the fashion runway for sartorial display and just outright joyous New Yorker wearables. Here I snapped a random photo of a Pharaoh with stogie and his instant picture pal. Also standing nearby with his 1947 Speed Graphix Camera with a Polaroid back, was Mr. Louis Mendez. I said to Mr. Mendez. “Can I take your picture ? “Get it clicking Man”, he replied.

Dean & Deluca, a gourmet take out that caught New York City by storm when I lived in Manhattan, has now experienced a renaissance. Here in instant conversation Mr. Matthew Koleos, an inspirational, hard working manager asked me about Austin, Texas and offered advice on the finer points of plying romance with food.

Mary Jones of the New York Public Library (not shown here) was an Angel. of She got me the key to city by helping me get a New York Public Library Card (shown here).

Drawn to Sad Stories. Train our brains to look for Good.
Most studies show we are irresistibly drawn to sad, depressing stories in the news. However, we share more stories about good things in social media. And the effect of monitoring good news can train our own psychology to be happier in managing difficult times. This is based on the combined research of Marc Trussler and Stuart Soroka, at McGill University, Canada. And as noted in Psychology today article by Ray Williams. Positive psychologists tell us we can train our brain to acquire new habits by focusing on good news. Let our brains acquire “mirror neurons” that develop a positive attitude can spread to other people like a virus. To quote the article. “This is not about being a Pollyanna or “goody-two –shoes”, it’s about being able to reprogram our brains.”

Get out into the world and practice to see life in a more balance, realistic way. I’m joining the league of belief that this can help stem the tide of depression and possibly suicide.

Manhattan stationed these great souls in my path. Living proof you can find great people everywhere. Hard working and caring individuals that manage to keep our world happier, more loving and safe in spite of horrific headlines

Here’s your open invitation to take charge. I challenge you to the death defying act of becoming a better ager. Always be on lookout for a new friend.

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