I buried countless time capsules in my backyard when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I just thought it was coolest thing to come back in the future and find my treasure.
Mostly little toy figures in tin cans. I realize now there’s a treasure you have access to but you forget about digging it up. It’s not just filled with the treasures of gold memories of nostalgia. Forget. It’s a bigger lost idea of yourself.
I have featured this in my book DESIGN YOUR AGE,
What’s Best About You Never Ages.

Here’s 12 steps to finding your own personal treasure.
1. Face the mirror and walk through it.
This means audit your personal inventory to determine what you like about yourself. Here’s some ideas. Make a list of 10 things.
Your favorite color.
Your favorite food.
Your favorite rock song.
Your most memorable kiss.
Your first best sexual awakening
Your idea of what you wanted to be when you grew up.
Your first dance or for boys your first fight.
Your first trip away from home.
Your first time you did something you didn’t think you could.
Your first time you felt loved.
Or make your own list of what has been important to you in your life.
Now keep these things to yourself for a while.

2. Next, identify individuals who represented the best of who you wanted to be— when you were growing up that is. Try to remember which individuals you admired for the way they carried their lives, real or fictional. John Glenn,James Bond, Helen Keller, Elizabeth Taylor, Marie Curie etc. For me it was Danny Kaye. Who was it for you?

3. Overcome resistance: It’s not so tough. Don’t fold and give up. A warning! The negative limiting voices in your thoughts, along with the artificial culture we step in everyday is truly not relevant. Wake up. Don’t be a prisoner. You are the boss of YOU. Remember.

4. Laughing Your Age Off.
Another big secret here is remembering to relearn how to laugh your age off. This is where you are truly ageless. Want to look younger instantly? Smile. If you don’t laugh much, well either learn now or have a small child stomp on your foot. Smile again. Practice laughing. Yes you can do this in private to start.

5. “I Like The Way You Move”
While you are on your journey, learn to move again because you like the way you move. You did dance. Get out of your chair and just shake it wherever you are. So what if you get strange looks? Even better. You are losing big psychological calories you no longer need.

Do you remember?
Run up a few stairs? Roll in the grass?
Get a board game to play with your significant other?
C’mon think about what’s real adventure for you now?
Put your fears on the shelf. They don’t serve you.
I’ll send you a permission slip. Just email me at tuck@designyourage.com

7. Rethink where you want to live.
Don’t isolate yourself.
Wanna live near your kids? If you have no kids, how about being near others who share your joy of life. The process even works if you’ve been a hard-working hermit, like Santa, who just happens to come out in a big way once a year. A friend of mine told me about a couple that are 75 years young and they decided to move to Australia to start a new life.

8. Experiment Using Your Wisdom
It’s not about being respected or thinking you are a Smartass know-it-all—but do you possess wisdom. Mentor someone younger. Offer it to others. Find or Create a “Meet Up.” You will continue to learn no matter what.

9. STOP. Start Learning to Stop.
Truly learn to sit still. Stare at something beautiful outside. Look closely. Examine the details. Go sit some place beautiful. Activate the brakes and try, "Stopping." Come to a complete stop at least once during the day. Shut everything the hell out. When you move again, everything will be so much better.

10. Service To Others.
Do you consider yourself a good person? Consider yourself a Godly person? Make a difference and be of service to at least one other person. I’d much rather help handing out Thanksgiving meals to the homeless than stuff myself at the table. Well, stuffing isn’t all bad, but helping others actually is a positively, positive thing to do. When you give to others, it boosts your immune system in a big way, and there’s scientific evidence to prove it.

11. Use Your Courage Muscle Not Your Fear Muscle.
How much time do you spend looking at fear based news? What are you doing to stay curious? What are you doing that is fresh and new? Learn something new. Realize it won’t kill you to try; it really won’t, as you will discover. Get out of that little snail shell. Your ancestors would be proud of you. They came a long way for you not to cower about anything. You’ve come to realize everyone is making it up, right?

12. The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Be Ageless.
Learn to fall in love again with learning. Practice. Do. We know so many ways to be happier and healthier. Moving our bodies. Eating more vegetables. Less sugar. More water. Little by little be the best you are now. Don’t think about how great it used to be. Practice how it can be great now. Count your blessings. I know this all might sound corny but make a list of what you are grateful for….your friends, children, where you sleep, all those that you love. You’ve got treasure. Now dig yourself up.

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