“I’m just me. I’m not any age.” J. E. Radcliff (90 in human yrs.)

Tea today with an 86 year old son whose father at age 90 told his son. “I’m just me. I’m not any age.”

It’s true. I once gave a talk and lady came up to me and said “I’m 91 but actually inside I’m 17”. I said “I know you are.” For the lucky of us things don’t change inside us, even though we might have new outside look as the years progress.

Three very important rules to live by no matter your years” my friend told me today. #1 Have someone to love. It might even be a pet.” #2 Have or find something you can do. #3 Aways have something to look forward to”

Also take everything in tiny steps. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all. It’s really all about learning how to look forward to looking forward.

So many bits of wisdom I learned today. In our conversation today the years between us fell away. It was like my friend and I played on the schoolyard over tea. In his eyes and his voice he raced me to the slide and the swings. So much to look forward to.

His wisdom taught me the lesson today it doesn’t matter how you keep at it, just keep at it. Finally it proves the point you must always remember… What’s Best About You Never Ages.

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