You might live longer…..so what ?

New scientific breakthroughs in living longer are rushing to the headlines. And ??
More importantly what are you expecting by living longer ?

We certainly don’t want to be dragging our leaden carcass around with aches and pains. EEccchhh.

Baby Bloomer. Age Astronauts. Rarefied Rad Dads. New definitions, new terms describing age barrier breaking are coming. What do you want to call yourself ?

You’re in your 50’s, 60’s and the whole social machinery declares that you should be thinking about retirement. With a lot of us living longer? As well as in this economy ? Hmmm. What about the passion and hope to still continue to create. To explore. How about just totally ripping apart that handbook that is shoved at us about getting older.

At Barton Springs in Austin,Texas, an amazing spring fed, public swimming pool, with an average temp of 68 degrees you’ll find these men in their 70’s and 8o’s diving in around 7:30 in the morning. I walked up to one of these guys in glorious physical shape.He told me he was 77. I told him “I want to be you when I grow up.” He said “I never grew up.”, as he walked off to his motorcycle. We’re not talking about Peter Pan characters here, we’re talking about a rugged guys that choose to look at life as vital and as adventure.

What will you do now that your age could exceed your ancestors ?

Could you finally create that art work? Or learn how to cook that recipe?
Or be determined to find like minds to solve dilemma’s that bring injustice in the world ?

Are we still young enough to do that ?
The average age of the team members that just won the new XPrize of 5 million for Edison 2 car that got over 102 miles per gallon. How about 55 years of age.

We can be inspired by the chance to live a little longer… But what do you do with it ?
Maybe take care of some mistakes and pieces of communication we never resolved? Those with old friends, family and our children. Taking time to share your life to help others?
I have heard you always keep learning to love. It’s not life without it.

The lesson for me is that life is short. The greatest death defying act ? It’s for you and I to look deeply into our hearts and souls and say “Enough is enough. When am I going to do that thing I always wanted to do ?” Then act on it. That’s the real definition of living.

You don’t want a bit of regret when you take your last breath. Do you ? So dive in with me. I’d love the company. Do it. Don’t hold your breath. Let’s take a deep one together and leap.

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