Rich with original color photographs. illustrations, and graphics to reveal a new landscape to create better later years.

Over 230 pages.

Design Your Age – 234 page book

Description: Time to rip a new hole in the way you see aging! That’s what Tuck Kamin’s ground breaking, humorous, non-stop, non-fiction adventure, Design Your Age will do for you. A perspective busting, entertaining guide shows you how to create better later years. Supported by interviews with renowned age scientists, psychologists, physicians, researchers, and extraordinary ageless trailblazers. A book rich with “Your Own Design Tools”, statistical research, and human stories of action. Embrace a new world where you can design better experiences as you age.

Praise for Design Your Age:

(by authors that have written books on aging)

“Tuck brings a fresh perspective on how to see and communicate the positive aspect of aging and that is desperately needed.”
—Dr. Steven Austad, Distinguished Age Scientist, Why We Age

“Tuck Kamin’s Career in branding products and services sets him apart as actually achieving the essential and necessary rebranding of aging. Design Your Age is a velocity agent for living that will fuel a better outcome for all humanity.”
—Dr. Natasha Vita-More, The Transhumanist Reader

“Design Your Age flies in the face of assumption that aging means physical and mental decline along with a lost of identity and purpose. A wonderful book! You will never look at your later years in the same way again.”
—Dr. Valerie Ramsey, Creating What’s Next – Gracefully

Design Your Age – 234 page book