Change the negative perceptions of aging. It’s more than possible.

poo fairy2Change the way you see aging now. Other misleading perceptions have been dismissed. Like litter and garbage. For example in the late 1960’s after you drove through the roadside hamburger stand and after you finished the hamburger and fries…you threw it out the car window. Then in the early 70’s we saw the damaging effects of pollution. In the 1980’s advertising campaigns like “Throw in the basket” and “Don’t Mess With Texas” started working and litter eased up. Here I offer the example now “There’s no such thing as a poo fairy.” About cleaning up after your dog. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

The same is true for cigarettes. From the inception where Cigarettes like LUCKY STRIKE were endoresed by physicians as a healthy product to the ending of Cigarette TV commercials in 1969. We now know Smoking kills.

Instead of just showing white haired people laughing and dancing. We need to show real people still creating. Individuals who are still innovating, producing new ideas and product. Very very cool individuals well into their numerical age. Tell it fresh. Make it entertaining. It can and will happen. And that’s no poo.

The Journey To Write Your Book – DESIGN YOUR AGE. What’s Best About You Never Ages.

Lens copy 2

“No matter what happens on this road I will continue, continue to move forward.” I’d say under my breath a thousand times, to try to convince myself. While writing this book I swear I watched things in my world fall out of the sky and for some reason I couldn’t do a damn thing. That was the hardest part. Made me feel unspeakably selfish. Happened a lotta of times. Yet along this road to write this book friends stood nearby and encouraged me to keep on. By all means I am more than grateful for their patience and understanding. Grateful as well to happenstance. God. And the generous actions of so many. This book Design Your Age at its core is not about vanity. It’s about righting injustice and erasing the virtually deadly way in which many quietly accept some artificial fate of aging that can consume and finish you. Ultimately I hope this book helps YOU see aging in a new way. It’s time anyway and time to make it entertaining.

This isn’t my book. It’s YOUR book. I heard your frustrated voice time and time again. Telling me there’s more to getting older than classifying people with words like Senior. Elderly. Frail. Throw those words out the window. Create new language of “YES” empowerment. This is a new kind of generation that will not tolerate antiquated,useless descriptions and crap assumptions that do not serve humankind.

Let’s look at aging with new lens. Come on you can see it. I’ve got the evidence and the view once you really decide to see.

“How Old Are You ?” What do you say when they ask?


If you are a boomer this question is an invitation to ageism. Equivalent to racism. Too drastic you say? When you tell your age and they reply “You look good for your age.” You have now have accepted that you accept society’s cultural prison of numerical age, declaring your limitations, humiliating yourself.

Their positive reply is like saying “Wow you are smart for being a mentally challenged person.” That’s crap.

So how should you answer? Tell them “I’m 16 inside actually. How old are you?”.
That’s a healthier place to reside in this world.


Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s here. Original color photographs. Illustrations and graphics. Over 230 pages. Send $28.95 with your address via PAY PAL to  Make sure to only pay on the “Friends and family” PAY PAL payment.  Or contact me via  Let’s create better later years now. But don’t let the Age Police know. HERE’S THE LINK TO PURCHASE

Design Your Age – 234 page book


Forget about a rocking chair it’s time to rock the world in a whole new way. Design Your Age is here

Oh hell take a leap

Tuck_jump copy

Recently just before the cold snap I leaped into Quarry lake part of Pure Austin Fitness in Austin,Texas. The photographer Richard Whittington was about to get the one shot of two beautiful 66 yr olds leaping into the lake in evening clothes. This is for the cover of my book. I was worried about making sure the shot was right. So I took a leap in and again. Until Richard had the right angle. The shot of me is of course before I get my 12 pack this time next but what the hell. Two new studies have shown if you don’t believe you are as old as your chronilogical age you will be happier, healthier and it is a way to create better later years.

One of the two studies is in the November issue of American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry The study comes as recent research suggests aging is both a subjective and biological experience. A younger self-image was more common in physically active people with a lower body-mass index, the latest study found. The other study is from Yale University.

Take a leap, yes it might be uncomfortable. Practice getting out for a fast walk. Cutting out sugar and hell go for it. You are as old as you think you are. And now there’s more proof !

Memory Box. An Exciting Blast From The Past.



David Weaver (my best pal growing up) : “Tuck ! I’ll will trade my Whitey Ford card for your Mickey Mantle !”

Me: “ Are you nuts? That’s how I lost my Willie Mays to you last time.”

Baseball cards A Superman button. A special pocket knife. A ticket stub from Jefferson Airplane concert. A weird tie-tack from your Uncle Dan.  Did you keep souvenirs as a kid? These little pieces of the past reminded ourselves what we thought was cool.  In that early time as kids our treasures were frozen experiences in physical form.  Instant to defrost and “poof” a dazzling memory was there.

In England the collection of these little in a memory box  is called “Reminisce Therapy”.  It was first developed in 1960 by psychiatrist Robert Butler and has been used and refined for more than 50 years.

In the early 1990’s studies by research facilities around the world including Harvard, St. Andrews University in Scotland and Martin Luther University in Germany have shown that this treatment in stirring memories “positive effect on mood, self-care, the ability to communicate and well-being. In some cases, the therapy improves intellectual functioning , encourages patients to talk about their earlier memories. It is generally offered to older people who have mood or memory problems, or who need help dealing with the difficulties that come with ageing.”

In little 30 minute sessions working with 2 caregivers these little items from the person’s youth stimulate memories, personal interests, inspire conversations with family and caregivers, spurs creativity.Build your own memory box. Just gather pictures off the internet like Pinterest. It’s a powerful little tool to remind you of your hopes and dreams.  Maybe dreams to come !





As You Age, Stay Productive. Design Saves the Day.

Twergi_Craftsman (3) copy
Yes, design can keep people productive well beyond their years and financially support their efforts.  Here’s an amazing example.

 Saving A Town of Artisans

In Aspen, Colorado, summer of 1989 I heard from who I believe is a God of Design, Milton Glaser. He told a story of how he was asked by his designer friend Albert Alessi to join in helping him save a town of artisans in Italy.  It ultimately worked and saved the town.

Here’s how Milton Glaser remembers it.

Dear Tuck,

You are referring to a town in Italy that was known for its woodworking facilities. Alberto Alessi became aware that there was a great shortage of business interest within the town’s capabilities. Consequently, redeveloped a series of wooden objects that could be manufactured and sold through Alessi’s network.

Among other designers, I made a series of kitchen items and children’s toys for the project.



Here’s what Albert Alessi sent to me..

Dear Tuck,

Yes in 1989 we re-started an old traditional manufacture of small wooden objects from Valle Strona (No), Italy: the name was Battista Piazza 1865, and the new logo designed by Milton Glaser was TWERGI.

The new company lasted for like 12-13 years since in 2001 we incorporated it into the catalogue of Alessi spa.

Bye, Alb

Creating Income For A New Community

 Now imagine a community of older individuals going to work each day in a little facility. Together using whatever capacity of their talents to produce original, unique and hand made objects. One or two items with the cache of Chanel, Louis Vutton, or Burberry.

Here’s where well-known designers could make an enormous contribution designing such a product to be produced by these older individuals.  Imagine designers like Jony Ive, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and others contributing to such an effort. It’s coming from Design Your Age.  The intent of the output would be to produce income to help the community. The New Older making the new. Designing better experiences as you age.


Look right over there, you’ll see it.



How do you see yourself as older? Done?  Just holding space until some illness claims you? Or becoming invisible to others because of your age. Nope, that’s yesterday thinking.

Imagine yourself healthier. Perhaps stronger. Maybe thinner. Not too thin. Could you still create and amaze yourself from what comes from your mind? Exchange ideas with amazing individuals that share your dream of still seeing and creating the new? This has nothing to do with being regretful about being younger. This point of view is about being totally oblivious to the ridiculous artificial framework that defines older in our time.

Over 70 million boomers are arriving into a new older life. From that number an extraordinary group will change the way aging used to be seen. Seeing the rest of their lives as a time that is going to be “wow”. It is happening now. Look again. Give up on the cliche perspectives of aging that tries to claim the true you. Start now and redesign your age. Begin now. Just look in the right place. It’s damn exciting to see and act on your life in whole new light.

Open your eyes

carolyn&Eric copy

My mother Carolyn Tucker Kamin shared a common interest in the new like the musician Eric Clapton.
Carolyn would tell me either by phone call or when I was growing up she’d remind me to “go see something new”. She was infinitely curious.And delightfully explored every subject in her cooking, reading, and tracking down new ideas. It wasn’t as if she was a hippy mom, she was like a joyful anthropologist and she appreciated new ideas in young people. The greatest complaint my mother had was friends who got together and complained about their aches and pains. She detested it. That’s why in the last 20 years of her life she surrounded  herself with companions that were 20 to 30 years younger than she. Seeking out their ideas, sharing their energy and staying in love with life.

The masterful musician Eric Clapton was heard to have said “I used to dismiss younger musicians because I believed I had explored all those sounds. And as I got older I began to grow to respect and enjoy their experimentation and creation.” A sea change of perspective in the way we see aging is coming. To design our own age we must dismiss the archaic perspectives regarding the limitations of older, consider the “new older”(TM) and always keep our ideas open to the new.

RE-USE YOU. Your body as your own first aid station.

re-use you copy

“So I broke my ankle I thought. And the orthopedic surgeon, a friend recommended, told me that he would take some cells out of my hip and re-introduce them to ankle.” What happened to this friend of mine was amazing. The surgeon did what was called Autologous stem cell transplants. Taking stem cells from the bone marrow of the hip. Working them through a magical process and re-injecting them into areas that need repair.

This is one further proof point underscoring “What’s Best About You Never Ages” (c). Although it is not recommended after the age of 70 to do this. But the implications could also suggest repairing different parts of the body including the brain.

The point of all this is that your body can be its own first aid kit. Coming soon. You’ll get more use of you so you can repair and re-use you.